The True Traitor to Nationalism and Revisionism, that is Je Suis Derange Alison Chabloz…The Truth

Thankfully in the nationalist side of politics, certified nutters are few and far between.

Yet from time to time, one comes along that causes more destruction than any tsunami. These are the ones that i call Cuckoo’s, for they are what’s known as the Narcissistic Sociopath.

It is quite remarkable that two Narcissistic Sociopaths can even live on different continents, yet will display the exact same behaviour traits. The most common traits are listed by experts as:

  • Lack of empathy. …
  • Exaggerated sense of self-importance. …
  • Feelings of entitlement. …
  • Selfishness in relationships. …
  • Enviousness and suspicion of other people’s motivations. …
  • A need for excessive praise and attention. …
  • Arrogant and judgmental in attitude.

I call them Cuckoo’s because they will appear in nationalism circles totally out of the blue. Always middle aged or aging, they’ll arrive with no background details, no contacts, and no clue. They appear penniless, homeless, and with a tale of woe and victimhood that draws people in. They have not one person who can vouch for them, call a friend, or even have a good word to say for them.

Just like the Cuckoo, they will plant themself in a section of society to use and abuse it’s people, assets, history and media to promote their non existent profile. If you find yourself looking for their background, forget it, because you will be looking in the wrong area. These Cuckoo’s don’t just move from Organisation to Organisation as many nationalists do, but change their allegiance even. One moment they are declaring that Blacks will slaughter your family for a peanut, the next advertising for Blacks to join their group to gang up on the Muslims. It’s not a case of the Cuckoo not knowing what he really wants to nail his colours to, they don’t care who they nail their colours to, as long as the donations keep rolling in and their parasitic activity off the backs of others hard work, brings them some kind of imaginary importance and limelight. Like the Cuckoo, once they have embedded themselves into an organisation, they will then set about attempting to oust those high profile people who are respected, admired and popular. They do this with every underhand, lying, backstabbing way possible, even if it destroys decades of another’s hard work and good name. The Cuckoo knows they will never earn that same admiration because they have no experience and certainly not the talent to get where what is now their competition. Like the Cuckoo they do this because they truly believe they are gifted and deserve to be where those they are now trying to ruin are. The lies begin and then come the imaginary detractors. Cuckoo’s must have a regular supply of detractors to use for the charade of victimhood. The truth of that is, without imaginary detractors, they will have absolutely nothing to pollute social media with. They will report to their little followings daily if they have to about what else their detractor did to them that day to keep the victim status going, while the uninformed few followers have no idea of how their poor abused victim is stalking and trolling the life out of others behind the scenes. Finally, in time, when the country has seen them for the parasite that they are, they turn their attention to international countries to target those uninformed potential admirers in other countries who lie on the peripheral of truth and only see the self promoting claptrap littered on the internet in their own self obsessed worlds.

Cuckoo’s have other traits that i can spot blindfolded. I’ve seen it all before. One is insane jealousy of other nationalists achievements, because they want that admiration so badly that it’s not about the movement, it’s all about themselves. Delusion is another, and they believe that it’s simple, all they have to do is defame the subjects of their envy and all their followers will flock to them instead. They’ll make insane absurd allegations even to those who have known their victim for decades. Ultimately, they reach a point where they truly believe that their imaginary detractors are scouring the internet 24/7 to sabotage what they are doing, as they assume all over life form exists in the sad, lonesome, friendless, solitude that they do. The result of the Cuckoo infesting a nest, is a trail of destruction, broken friendships, and fracture in organisation after organisation for as soon as one organisation fails to provide them with their needs, they are on to the next one. Another trait i always notice is that the Cuckoo will be a prolific poster on social media and websites. Yet go to the beginning of their website and you’ll find it only goes back a couple of years. That start point is the point where they were thrown out of somewhere else, which of course, they don’t want new followers knowing. They set up their little groups and blogs and a dead give away for a Cuckoo, is they will interview themselves, speak of themselves as the third person, and impose titles upon themselves that no one has ever actually given them. It’ll be the brave this, the heroic that.. They will even create their own logo. Yet as their lies slowly bust them wide open, the last give away will be the password protected blog entries, and removal of the comments section on their warblings and falsehoods. After all, if they were telling the truth, why would they have the need to o this?

All the while, those few they have reeled in through victimhood will hear the sorry tale of how their detractor is trolling them 24/7, threatening their families, sabotaging their work, anything to keep that victimhood going even when their sorry tale is utterly illogical, I am going to digress for a moment as an example.

At the end of 2017, i was nursing my husband through cancer 24/7 at home. Anyone who has done this will know just how exhaustive this is and of course, how emotional having to watch someone you adore suffer every day. Due to meds having to be administered every 3 hours including right through the night, i had survived on two hours sleep for months. I had a house, small business, family, dogs, commitments in my community also to contend with. One evening in particular that i remember well was when i was so dead on my feet, i could have cried. In the kitchen, i was doing some oats in the microwave oven for him and set the bowl for two minutes. It was the middle of summer and roasting even in the evenings here, so i leant against the kitchen wall and pressed my face against it as it was lovely and cold. When the oven pinged two minutes later, i jolted because i found that i had actually fallen asleep standing up. This was at a time when there were not enough hours in the day for me to even have a coffee break. Yet hey… according to a mixed race Indian, at this precise moment in time, i was on the internet 24/7 to see what he was doing so i could sabotage his work. When he ran to my local police crying with even more false allegations, they treated him with the contempt he deserved. As my local police knew me, knew my current situation, the claim that i was trolling him 24/7 because, quote ” She’s saying mean things about me”, was utterly illogical as was the claim that i was threatening his family, although no evidence whatsoever, at a time when my husband lay dying, and as his sole carer, a charge that would put me in the cells, thus taking me away from him at the time he needed the most. The upshot of the harassment of this mixed race Indian against me, was his being served with a harassment injunction by police, so a lesson learned there for future Sociopaths. This is another trait of the Cuckoo. Once they have drawn a few gullible in and bombarded them with constant tales of how their imaginary detractor is harassing them 24/7 to keep the victimhood alive, they find themselves in a position where they really have no choice but to go to the police with false accusations, because they fear the few who believe them will become suspicious if they take no action over this constant abuse they invent daily. They believe that doing so will endorse to the few followers that the lies they have told about their imaginary detractor, are true. By far the worst trait of these Cuckoo’s is that the very people who went out of their way to help them, give them money, and take them into our movement, will feel the kick in the teeth that inevitably follows when the Cuckoo is fully fledged and now wants to kick them out of the nest to take their role.


Before i go into the details of her past, i will start with my own experience with her.

Turning on the very people who invested so much time and money helping Alison Chabloz, saw her following reduced to a pathetic two supporters when she arrived at court for what should have been the start of her appeal.

Very recently, it was said to me that as Chabloz was the victim of the CAA, she must be supported yes? After all, it’s the Jews Yes ? Well no.

The Chabloz farce can not be regarded on the same scale of Jez Turner’s imprisonment on account of Jez Turner not deliberately engineering events to bring himself as much publicity and victimhood as Chabloz. It was an example of how the CAA applied pressure on the CPS after they had initially ruled that he had no crime to answer. True to his nature, he behaved impeccably throughout, whilst Chabloz went down a path of predetermined actions such as breach of bail conditions, that left us in no doubt that she was doing all she could to be thrown in prison. It’s a path she has continued with after being sentenced by refusing to carry out her community order. That would be mad yes ? No. Portraying oneself as a victim of the system is big bucks. It keeps the headlines coming along with those donations from followers on the peripheral who are blissfully unaware of the treachery of this attention seeking Cuckoo.

Cuckoo ? Chabloz as is the nature of the Cuckoo, arrived in nationalist circles one day homeless, penniless and with a tale of woe. No background, no contacts, no friends and not one person to vouch for her. She was banned from her Labour club in Glossop, sacked from her job on some ship, disowned by her entire family and found her few gigs cancelled, all before she ever came into contact with the London Forum, or given a nano second of time to Revisionism or so much as mention Robert Faurisson in passing. Why would she when her true friend and ally at that time was Fiyaz Mughal, the creator of Tell Mama who supplied Hope Not Hate with statistics to show that the British were becoming increasingly more racist. More on that later !!..True to Cuckoo nature, she was now ensconced into the nationalist community and lapped up the free bed and board in London, the donations and all expenses paid three day stay in Vichy, France in order that she could perform one of her songs at the 88th surprise birthday gathering for Professor Faurisson. All expenses paid by Richard Edmonds after Lady Michele Renouf approached him on the matter of funding Chabloz’s extended trip to Vichy. Even after accepting  this more than generous gesture from Richard, engineered by Michele, the Chabloz lie machine was at work.  Having finished her song at the piano, she made an aside that Michele had silenced her from performing. This outrageous lie was caught on the film.

Now finding herself in the heart of the Revisionist circles, Chabloz true to the Cuckoo, began her onslaught to libel, defame and stalk the very people that had assisted her so much.

By August 2015 and following her quenelle at Edinburgh where she was due to perform at the Fringe, the demise of her bookings began, along with the loss of her job on ship and being thrown out by her elderly parents and disowned by her entire family.  The homeless, penniless situation she found herself in was not only solely due to her own actions, but it was before she entered the London Forum.  Fast forward to present time, and she tells a sorry tale of woe as to how now, the very people who helped her so much are conspiring to silence her and prevent her from earning her income by performing. Once anyone understands the enormous lengths that Revisionists in London went to in order to help her through this time of destitution, it becomes clear that her allegations that Peter, Michele and Richard are plotting to silence her, are paranoia, insanity, or both. Yet despite being responsible for her own destitution at that time, she lied to  Professor Faurisson that her lack of bookings and income had been sacrificed for her Revisionism. This led the Professor finding her free bed and board in a refuge in a London safe house, where the Revisionist Vincent Reynouard was also staying.  However, so psychotic did Chabloz become that  the landlady had no choice but to evict her. Once again Chabloz is homeless,  pleading poverty and laying the blame for lack of bookings on her sacrifices for Revisionism.  Enter Jez Turner who intervened and arranged a second free bed and board refuge for her and it was here that she came to be in the same house as Lady Michele Renouf, who rented a storage room there, and who at first was very much on her side.  Chabloz’s bizarre behavior in this second refuge was so threatening that she ended up placing Lady Renouf and her storage there in genuine fear for her own and it’s safety.  Following months and months of abuse, Peter Rushton quite rightly stepped in to defend Lady Renouf and so true to form, Chabloz turned her vile, malicious attention to him also. As just one example of this behaviour in among a sea of other bizarre acts, try to imagine you are going about your business when Chabloz sidles up to you, looks you straight in the eye and whispers ” I know what you’re doing you know”, just as you’re getting ready to go to bed.

 Her motives were simple. The Cuckoo in our nest was attempting to oust the top inhabitants in some deluded belief that she would rule as Queen of Revisionism just as the Cuckoo throws out the rightful occupants of the nest until he is left as the only one to be fed by a duped mother bird. That Mother bird for Chabloz being the most world acclaimed, Professor Robert Faurisson, and so the campaign of European Skype calls, emails, phone calls and blog entries detailing the imaginary and downright libelous accounts of Lady Renouf, Peter Rushton and Richard Edmunds victimisation of the poor homeless, friendless, penniless Chabloz began. Wonderful accounts…. if they were true.

Having experienced myself lately of the insanity of this woman, i will start with my own experience of her before revealing a few facts as to why this woman is no nationalist, and why i absolutely stand with Peter Rushton when he declared that this woman must be removed from nationalist circles and our movement.

In many years of being an activist, this is only the second time that i have felt the need to research a so called nationalists background. I certainly don’t enjoy or relish this task, but Je Suis Chabloz is directly responsible for the cancellation of meetings, ruined friendships and a fractured movement. She is a consummate liar that has caused so much trouble that what i write here, could not possibly make things worse than they are right now. My objective here is to dispel those lies about Lady Michele Renouf, Peter Rushton, Richard Edmonds and right now, even myself. Despite my apparent attack dog tactics here, believe it not, i do not turn on anyone especially a nationalist, a true nationalist that is, until someone is stupid enough to continue to poke the bear through the bars of my cage with a stick.

Imagine your shock if someone you knew nothing about having only exchanged small talk every now and then in your local shop, took to the internet to tell the world and his wife that you were their detractor and stalker. I had only come into contact with Chabloz four times at meetings and had exchanged probably around ten minutes of small talk at each. This makes my sum total of interaction with her, at just forty minutes. At those times, my life was such that i didn’t have enough hours in the day even to drink a cup of coffee and so i had to be choosy as to what i looked at in the one hour that i could afford myself on my laptop. I wasn’t interested in Chabloz. I did email her to send good wishes for her trial, but i had never listened to even one of her songs, nor read a single post from her blog. I had never even made a single post about her on social media. Yet, despite my only coming into face to face contact with her for a total of forty minutes of my life, according to her, i am now one of numerous detractors. I say numerous, count up those she names from 2015, and you could fill a stadium.

True to form of what is the Chabloz lie machine, she claims on her blog that i have sent her many cease and desist emails that are abusive. Nothing of the sort. I have sent her one but yes, comparing her singing style to the bulging eyes of Marty Feldman, was probably abusive. Yet despite just face to face contact of forty minutes and sending her notifications of my meetings, i liked her. She was just one of hundreds of nationalists that i knew.

She attended the inaugural meeting of the South West Forum in 2016 but from there, we never saw her again. She only ever came to that one meeting and it appeared that she had no interest in the Forum whatsoever. At the time later that Jez Turner had just been sent to prison, i announced a fund raising meeting of the SW Forum in Bristol with the proceeds going to Jez upon his release to help with accommodation. I thought it high time some of our movement did something for Jez considering the help he’s always given others, after all Alison Chabloz, who was it exactly who took you into a rent free safe house in London when you were evicted from the previous free bed and board? Who’d have believed that after your free lodgings care of Jez Turner, you’d kick up about ALL the proceeds going to Jez alone.

I sent out notification of the date in August last year, including Chabloz.  She’d not expressed any interest in the SW Forum for two years and she showed no interest at all in my notification of date. I set about securing the venue, guest speakers and security. Around two weeks before the meeting, i sent out notification of the guest speakers and seeing i had asked Michele to speak, she turned into mad, psycho woman. Her first email to me asked ” I suppose Renouf put you up to this?”

What followed was an onslaught of vicious attacks on Michele via email in the bucket load. Most are simply too disgusting to publish here and considering all were nothing but vicious inventions, i am not publishing lies. Yet this extract was what followed the ‘ I suppose Renouf put you up to this?Monday, 23 July, 2018 12:14  From: “Alison Chabloz” <alison-chabloz@ **************To: “julielake1@ *****************************

Perhaps I’m wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Michèle had never given you the time of day before the fundraiser event idea. And now with Jez behind bars, from my perspective, it honestly looks like Her Ladyship is the newly self-appointed interim chairman of the London Forum. If she tries to boss you around, you must assert your authority. Use Jez’ name if necessary. She will back down. (Although, admittedly, no one wants to be turned into a mushroom!)My case has provoked worldwide media attention. Many people, including plenty of Jews, are outraged that I’ve been effectively silenced. Why would any so-called genuine nationalist do everything in their power to ensure I’m silenced even within our own circle? In confidence, thanks to ******************** at ************ ( name and organisation deleted for obvious reasons ), I’ve just been handed quite a large sum to cover my legal costs ( = fine ). Of course, I’m most grateful, but it’s not money I want, Julie. As you rightly say, the forums are important for us as social gatherings. I am also a performer who is already deprived of live audiences in the normal sense. Meetings are pretty much the only opportunity I get. 

 Well Ms Je Suis Chabloz, just to document a few facts relating to the above garbage, first of all, it was i who asked Michele to speak at my fund raiser. SW members and i discuss who we would like to invite. My purpose is to bring nationalists together when i found many old friends losing touch with each other following various purging from the BNP.  When it came to speakers for the fund raiser, some in the SW expressed how very much they would like to hear from Michele and meet her. Secondly, you can just thank your lucky stars that i never passed that email on and it continues to stay with me. Naming the organisation who gave you a very large amount of money, has to be the most stupid brag that you could possibly have made. Had it ended up in the wrong hands, all manner of unwanted attention from authorities could follow. That’s not to say of course, that you have not emailed others with that information and the lord alone knows now, what the CAA would probably dearly love to pass to the Met.As for not wanting the money, as i said in my reply, i beg to differ. During the break at the Yorkshire Forum meeting i attended, you laboured to me what dire straits your family were in after your performances had been curtailed and how they and you were struggling to survive financially. Yet from your timeline, it appears that at that moment in time, your family had already thrown you out and you were not even so much in contact with them, let alone living with them… whatever… i don’t care.  Yet much emphasis was put on how destitute you were. Regardless, what is fact, is that your lack of performances began with your quenelle at the Edinburgh Fringe.  your sacking from your job, and your ban from Glossop Labour Club long long before Jez Turner gave you free bed and board at the home for waifs and strays in London. Thus, your lack of performances and revenue, was not the onus of any London Forum member. It was entirely your own doing.  What followed next was Chabloz texting and writing to me that she’d had a brilliant idea for the fundraiser, which was to write a song. I assumed that she was meaning to put this on CD and sell it with the proceeds going to Jez, so yes, great idea, yet i was beginning to doubt her intentions by now.  Having shown no interest in the South West Forum whatsoever in two years and no interest either when my first notification announcing the date went out, suddenly, she is champing at the bit to be involved.  By now Chabloz had been sentenced with conditions that she was banned from social media which of course meant that she could not self publicise. She told me in another email that she was refusing to carry out the unpaid work that the court imposed upon her. It became clear that as she knew my Forum speeches are filmed and posted on you tube, she was in effect hankering after some free publicity. At this moment in time, one could not fail to note the Free Tommy Robinson protests on the streets of London and suspicion grew that she was doing her utmost to be thrown in prison for breaching her sentencing conditions, because victims of the State can swell their bank balances. When she sent me the lyrics to the song she’d written, she also announced to me, which was ten days before the meeting, that she intended to perform this song at my meeting. Excuse me ???? At this time, the attacks on Michele and Peter Rushton were coming thick and fast yet i remained as civil as i could. 

To be continued

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