The Truth of Je Suis Derange Alison Chabloz Part Two

Part One

Continuing on from Part One, i was now at the stage where Derange Chabloz was now texting and emailing me, attempting to muscle in on my Fundraiser for Jez Turner, despite having shown no interest whatsoever in my Organisation, the South West Forum since it’s launch in early 2016.

As i said in part one, please understand that i do not use these attack dog exposes until anyone pokes me once too much through the bars of my bear cage with a stick and Chabloz, despite exchanging a few emails and just 40 minutes or so face to face interaction over two years, finding herself unable to muscle in for free publicity at my expense, and of course, upstage our star speaker, Lady Renouf, then turned on me just as she did countless others including Lady Renouf, Peter Rushton, and Richard Edmonds… Yes, the same Richard Edmonds who funded the traitor’s three day jolly in Vichy. Yes, the same Peter Rushton who offered to defend her appearing as a witness in her trial. Yes, the same Lady Renouf who approached Richard Edmonds to fund her three day jolly to Viche and who can be clearly seen at the court supporting Je Suis Derange throughout her trial in the tabloid news photographs. Now it was my turn to be branded another of her long list of detractors, enemies, and victims of her manic stalking and lies, for simply, politely informing her that it was way to late in the day, now one week before my meeting, to alter the timing of guest speakers to accommodate her when she announced to me that my meeting would be the ideal opportunity for members to hear her update them on her life. Really ? Suddenly, i was the enemy and the lies about me began. This full expose now, is the outcome of poking the bear through the bars of the cage once too often Je Suis Derange Chabloz and entirely your own doing, even after i did email you asking you to cease and desist your lies, you continued. This is the outcome.

So ten days before my meeting, Chabloz is informing me that she has written a song that she intends performing at and is now telling me that she will also take the stage to speak…the same woman who had never shown the slightest interest in my meetings nor any desire to speak at them… yet this one was different… this one had Lady Renouf as star guest speaker and from enquiries i had received, a very large audience to hear her. I put out some feelers to veteran nationalists about this position this woman was putting me in, and was quite relieved to receive agreement in telling the self publicist exactly where to go. One wrote to me, ” Chabloz is an awful woman. She thinks she should be top of the bill at every meeting and if she had her way, we’d all be wearing Je Suis Chabloz”. Besides, frankly, i nor any of the guests wanted her there and certainly not to perform her new little ditty in a fraudulent attempt to claim it would swell the funds we hoped to raise.

I wrote to her regarding her demand to perform this song and remained polite in pointing out her sentencing restrictions could bring trouble to my Organisation and it was not beyond the realms of possibility that the authorities would come after me the organiser for allowing her to perform this ditty that was blatantly about dem jews man, in public and filmed as part of the meeting, which of course was part of her mission. Her performance of a new song on the Forum website that she could then email and post where she liked to boost her followers. One, i will not be used by anyone, and two, if i do bring trouble to my door, it’s not for someone such as her. I also explained quite honestly, that it was too close to the date of the meeting and i was on a time restriction with the venue. The only way, this late in the day that i could give her the hour that she wanted, was if i cut short other speakers speeches, and i simply would not even consider such a thing. Having explained the possibilities of possible legalities of her performance, i received this email.

> From: Alison Chabloz >
> Subject: In strict confidence
> To: “julielake1
> Date: Friday, 20 July, 2018, 18:20


> Dear Julie,

> It was not my probation agreement I refused to sign,
> only the unpaid work arrangement. 

> I do not wish to make anything public for the minute.
> Only those closest to me – as well as the authorities and my
> lawyers – know what’s going on. A forum meeting would,
> however, be an appropriate opportunity to update supporters
> on my case. I performed
>  last month at a nationalist solstice gathering in Yorkshire
> with no detriment to myself, the organisers or to the
> Cause. 

> I trust that no word of any of this reaches
> Renouf’s ears. 

> Kind regards,

> Alison. 

First of all, note where she writes ” only those closest to me “…. This is textbook Sociopath tactics to make you feel special, trusted, and one of the few… yeah right ! Then note, despite being told the ramifications were something that i would not risk on her behalf, she continues to push how it’s not a problem if she performs. Last of course, the textbook line to imply that Lady Renouf is actually interested in her life. Yet best of all, why on earth would ” A forum meeting would, however, be an appropriate opportunity to update supporters on my case” when she emailed ” supporters” 24/7 of her every move bar bowel movements?

So, no, Je Suis Derange Chabloz wasn’t going to get to have her way at my meeting. I was polite throughout as the emails i sent her and have filed, prove without doubt, but oh dear, i had wronged her and my god, the venom and hell fire did then spew forth. I was now a detractor who’s mission was to silence her, and thus the stalking and libel began.

I cancelled the meeting one week prior. So obsessed was she about Lady Renouf, i was not the only one who had a nagging doubt that she would lead Antifa to the door of the meeting, if that’s what it took to disrupt her speech. Besides, we were also in no doubt that she’d create an atmosphere that would sour the entire day and also, intimidate Lady Renouf.

Having remained so polite throughout the email exchanges with her and explaining to her that it was too late in the day to give her time to perform and speak, i just assumed there was no hard feelings. After all, it’s quite a reasonable reason for not giving in to her demands, but i was quite astonished at these demands for due to the sentencing conditions, i could not believe that she actually expected anyone to risk possible actions from the authorities in order for her own selfish needs to promote herself. It became clear that she saw herself as some kind of celebrity. Having assumed wrongly that there were no hard feelings, i received a new email and upon opening it, could only just stare at the words i was reading. The anger and venom almost sizzled with heat off my laptop screen. She attacked my grammar in my final notification telling me ” Jez deserves better”. She was really scraping the barrel attacking my grammar given that when i ran it through a grammar App, it was down to one to many commas. I found at a later date when researching her that she had a penchant for this and one other victim of this grammar attack in her past was Karen Danczuk. I am going to digress slightly here to say, Karen Danczuk ? Oh for gods sake. Looking into the past of Je Suis Derange Chabloz, the evidence was plain to see that before she infested our movement, she had trolled Karen on social media. If you read the Chabloz version in her blog, of course Karen was one of her detractors, but the threads on Twitter clearly show that it was Chabloz who first targeted Karen with abusive tweets, mostly about the Selfies and cleavage. I did love one of Karen’s replies to her ” What’s up Alison? Not getting any attention?” For those unaware, Karen Danczuk was the former wife of the former Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk. The Chabloz trolling tweets telling her she was nothing were an irony given that Karen has 60,000 followers on Twitter. Simon Danczuk also became a target. It is actually one of the lesser traits of a Sociopath. They tweet celebrities in the news and try to get them into a spat because they are hoping that the tabloids watching them will publish an article of that public spat and thus, the Cuckoo gets another headline and of course, followers are led to believe that they are important with all these famous people they know. Yet, they don’t know them, they are just trolling them. Yes, Karen Danczuk did post a lot of selfies and showed her ample cleavage, but anyone who knows anything about being sexually abused as a child will know that this is a defence tactic. It’s an up yours to their abuser. At the time Chabloz was stalking her and abusing her on Twitter, Karen was reliving her horrendous abuse because her rapist was on trial and in 2016, he was convicted on eight counts of rape and jailed for 15 years. For Karen to act as the dutiful wife of an MP in the public eye whilst she was reliving this hell is testament to a very brave young woman, only Chabloz isn’t fussy who she trolls.

So by then, I’d had enough. It was my own money that i had paid out for the deposit for the venue and security and it was non refundable. Far from Lady Renouf attempting to silence Chabloz, it was Je Suis Derange that had silenced Lady Renouf. Another email came and now i joined the long list of imaginary detractors who were subject to ludicrous false accusations and mine was regarding a situation an entire year earlier. There was a situation where i organised a SW Forum meeting on the same day as a meeting in Blackpool where Chabloz was performing. Nationalists do fall out at times, after all, most of the twenty plus organisations and parties today are borne out of fallings out, but they are short lived and at the time of this double booking affair, i was quite vile toward one of our veteran nationalists but i did apologise for my behaviour and as a true nationalist, he graciously accepted my apology. It was an affair that was settled very quickly and i had the emails to prove i was not to blame, it was just one of those things. Yet, a year later, here was Je Suis Derange dragging this up to accuse me of deliberately booking my meeting on the same day to sabotage her performance, which i assume she meant by halving her audience. Chabloz waxes lyrical at every opportunity at how intellectual she is, but her one brain cell must have failed her that day. If i had of deliberately organised my meeting for the same day, then there was every chance that nationalists on the South West could have chosen to go to Blackpool instead to hear Jez Turner speak and thus the attendance for my meeting would have been greatly reduced. This is the email i sent her.

In reply to your attacks on myself

Tuesday, 24 July, 2018 12:09From: “julie lake” <julielake1To: “Alison Chabloz” <alison-chabloz@

Dear Alison, I chose to ignore your first attack, simply for my asking Michele Renouf to speak at my meeting. I explained to you how i have witnessed over the years, entire parties destroyed by infighting, how i hate it, wish to avoid it, and will not get embroiled in it, yet you have sent me two further diatribes personally attacking me and a further nonsensical apology for your rants. Every one of them, unwarranted.and unsolicited.  You tell me that Jez deserves better !!! You are absolutely right. He does. He deserves better, when he writes to me from prison, telling me how grateful he is that i am still holding meetings while London and Yorkshire is doing nothing and his people have nowhere to meet. He tells me to keep up the good work, and now you think you are qualified to tear me to pieces? So now on to your ridiculous accusation that the meetings clashing was suspect and on purpose on my account because you were performing at the Boadicea event. Furthermore, if you think that just weeks after i watched my husband die and recently buried him, in my darkest days of my life and still are, when i could not even raise my head off my pillow and some days still can’t, that i was running around trying to find out if you were performing somewhere, in order to book the same day to sabotage you, then you must be mental. When after my husband passed away, i was treated for exhaustion due to being his sole carer for 13 years, and in the last months, surviving on 2 hours sleep a night, i had nothing better to do, than find out what you were doing, where? If it had of been my fault, i would have had no hesitation in cancelling my meeting. It would not have been here nor there to me.  You underestimate the respect us old BNP activists have for each other, long before you came along dear.You criticise my typo’s in my notification. You performed at a meeting who’s notification  stated ‘ Plenty of pubic parking’.. didn’t spot that on the leaflets did you? You say my typo’s are what the enemy want. As it happens, i am surprised they didn’t leap on that one, along with ‘ plenty cheap hotels’, which made me cringe. When i launched the SW Forum, there were no funds, and there still isn’t any. From the very first meeting, payment upfront for venue’s has come out of my bank account, ie my own money. Also upfront, i pay for all the food for the buffet and spend days preparing them. I buy the water, the tea, coffee, travel expenses of those who can not make the rail fare, taxis to and fro the station, security, raffle items, etc etc, all upfront from my own money which now, is a mere widows pension. I keep my fingers crossed that collections will cover my outlay at each meeting. You attended one initial meeting, where you were not even charged entrance. You have not attended a single SW meeting from then on, and what have you contributed? Nothing, not one penny.  When the second meeting was attacked, oh i had plenty of platitudes to help with the cost of the broken windows, but the total sum donated was £80. The remaining £320 came from my bank account. I keep accounts. I have receipts and nothing from you. My husband and i were both violently attacked that day and most people would have shut down there and then. Where were your offers of help, if the Forums mean so much to you?I did not hear anything from you when i sent out the first notification for the meeting on the 4th August several weeks ago. Only when you saw Michele was speaking on the second notification, did you offer your song for funds for Jez. You did not think of raising funds prior to my announcement of a fundraising day. Nor have i seen you offer anything prior for Jez. What you did was attempt to hijack the meeting. Yes, the song was a great idea, until i got wise. Your adding that my meeting was where you could update members on yourself and promote your song, confirms this. Do you actually have any concern for other speakers who are traveling huge distances at their expense and speakers that my members have asked to hear, when you imagine i would cut their talks short, to slot you into a strict time schedule? You did not announce this until after my speakers were booked, along with the times i have the venue for, paid upfront by myself and everything confirmed. You were unaware, that i had already been asked to accommodate two extra short talks in the line up, and i already had to pay for extra time on the venue and juggle the timing in order to make the day run smoothly. You announcing you wanted to update members on yourself, was after everything was set in stone and very late in the day. Did you really think that any Organiser would disrespect other speakers to accommodate you, at your whim ?I don’t care if you performed at Boadicea in Blackpool. They are not connected by name and association to my Forum. If you want to hijack a meeting at no expense to yourself, then hijack Boadicea in September, and plug your song for Jez on your blog. As you brag you are acknowledged all over the world and have worldwide acclaim, i am sure your blog is a better place to publish your song, than my meeting that you are criticising so greatly. .I am shocked and dismayed at your anger and nastiness toward me because i put my Forum before you.  Ten years ago, i was the subject of the biggest political row in years. I had the Daily Mail banging on my door and ITV, BBC and SKY at my trial along with the entire Royal British Legion and half of Bristol. I also received vast amounts of donations and i gave every penny to the RBL. I was interviewed by Kirsty Gallacher live on Breakfast tv and turned down requests to go back on. I was on BBC radio 17 times with Chris Grayling for one, and even Jack Straw got dragged into the debacle by my Bristol Tory MP and Councillors.I still have the sack loads of mail i received in support and letters from others asking for my help in the Broken Britain campaign.  I found myself discussed worldwide also.  I never treated anyone as you have treated me now. Get over yourself Alison because you have just cost Jez the expansion of the SW Forum. Keep this up, and he’ll have no one left. Myself nor my people in the SW will be treated like this by you so this ends now. When i visit him, I’ll explain my reasons for this.I have given this a lot of thought, and my first idea was to cancel the meeting entirely on 4th August, and let you pay in advance out of your vast amounts of money, you brag you have been sent, and put together a meeting in London, as of course, you can do so much better. Then, why should everyone miss out because of your jealous ranting about Michele that you now accuse me of being in cahoots with.Following the meeting on 4th August, i am renaming the SW Forum. As you have elected yourself as critic of the SW Forum and standards officer, then we will not be connected in name to anything you are speaking on behalf of.  I will continue meetings in the SW and i will continue inviting guest speakers and guests from the London and Yorkshire Forum, and although we will remain connected to Jez’s good work and people, we will not be linked to any of this detrimental behaviour from you.  Your attacks on Michele, Peter and Richard, before me are not what Nationalism grows on. It destroys and even after i told you that i want no part of it, you have continued with these vicious personal attacks for no reason at all.  This kind of hatred in nationalism, is like a cancer. The only way to get rid of it, is to cut it out. I have shown you the greatest of respect and even taken the trouble to send on your details to my USA contacts who i know, sent you money.  I have no time for this viciousness and you have brought all of this on yourself. Your attacks on me, were out of the blue, baseless and unwarranted. The only way i can deal with this kind of nastiness is to ensure that i am in no way associated with you, and you have no say on my future meetings albeit unelected and no links to us. Your apology makes me think there’s something irrational to your ranting, and i am not going to be in line for when you turn again.  I am not held ransom by temper, by anyone.Goodbye Alison. Best of luck with the song, albeit late in the day of my original campaign. Good luck with your worldwide status. Enjoy it as it disappears just as soon as the new political heroine comes along with new headlines.Do not contact me again. I will not be forwarding this on Alison. I have no wish to embroil others in your viciousness and put them under pressure to take sides, as you did me, with Michele.”Julie Lake

True to my word, i never passed this on and no one knew anything about this until the aftermath of the Shepperton meeting in October.

On hearing the fund raising meeting was to be cancelled, Je Suis Derange panicked and Lady Renouf, Peter Rushton, Richard Edmonds and myself received this from her. This was because she knew that the following week i was visiting Jez Turner in prison and of course, damn right that he’d hear about her sabotaging.

From: “Alison Chabloz” <alison-chabloz@To:  <ladymrenouf”julielake1<><richardedmonds

Debate denialIs the cruellest trialIt’s never too lateSo let’s debate!

Yes, there’s an upcoming fundraiser…
But what if there’s a chance we could make Jez Turner the happiest man behind bars?
Bearing in mind that Jez once told me I’m the best thing that’s happened to Britain and, as I learned today, also told another comrade that I’m the best thing that’s happened to Revisionism…
Wouldn’t it be grand if this pointless and destructive feud – ongoing now for God knows how long – were brought to an end to coincide with the fundraiser in honour of Jez Turner?
Now THAT would make him very happy indeed. It would make many others happy, too, including yours truly. 
What say you, Michèle?

Kind regards,

What say you ? I say Fuck Off Alison. There was no feud. None whatsoever. What there was, consisted of unprovoked abusive attacks on all of us. Note the entry in her blog mentioning this ‘ heartfelt’ call for a truce and note the victimisation due to none of us replying to this garbage. She writes of it that she was doing all she could to bring everyone together. If i had to put a time between this email arriving after her finding out i was visiting Jez and the SW Forum being closed and renamed, i would say about 7 minutes. She was in one mad panic. Yet again, this was another example of attempting to fool everyone that it was all for the good of our people.

With the meeting then cancelled, more venom did spew forth with a PDF file that was sent out to just about everyone and anyone. Yet again, i am not going to put such vicious lies about Lady Renouf here, nor the mock up of her face on a fairy. Yet in among all these further lies, was the claim that the fundraising meeting was nothing to do with me but secretly all Lady Renouf’s doing. Quite literally mental already, Je Suis Derange was getting more and more deranged, paranoid and vicious. The PDF file was treated with the contempt it deserved which was totally ignored.

As a nationalist, it’s true to say that i am not a Revisionist as in the same category as those mentioned here. I have always been more of the electioneering genre and have spent my years as an activist leafleting, door knocking, standing in shopping malls etc etc campaigning for our election candidates as well as my own activism in Bristol. I spend a lot of time on animal welfare issues and i am involved with horses. Those variety of horses ridden by Irish midgets wearing silks who throw their mounts over fences. Je Suis Derange has one friend apparently who goes by the name of Sophie and this woman has littered Lady Renouf’s website and films with the most vile abuse in the comments sections. Although oddly, let’s just say the IP address’s need checking further and it is actually quite easy to open another account in another user name and alter the time zone to post from another country without moving away from your laptop. Only last night, i posted on a Forum from Australia in the comfort of my own home in Bristol. Ask the mixed race Indian. He has about 40 of these fake accounts. A nationalist, what ever their stance, will have heard of Richard Edmonds. I was there when Richard was presented with an award for 45 years in nationalism. He’s seen it all and is the most seen. Nothing deters this man and whatever the march, the protest, the meeting, Richard will be there however many miles he has to travel. He’s a straight talker who does not suffer fools gladly but without doubt i am able to say hand on heart that in my years as an activist, i have never heard one bad word said about this man. He is the most respected and liked nationalist in the country who is always there to help others and is in demand for speaking at venue’s more than any other on the speech circuit. Generous to boot. I knew there was an issue with Lady Renouf and Peter Rushton but had not become involved. When Je Suis Derange turned on Richard Edmonds after he paid for her three day jolly to Vichy, and after the totally unprovoked attack on myself, Lady Renouf and Peter Rushton, the gloves came off and i began researching her past, because anyone out there calling yourselves nationalists that are still supporting this woman after attacking Richard Edmonds, then hang your damn heads in shame, kick her saggy butt to the kerb and show some loyalty. When i began delving into her past, dear god, some revelations will be coming in my next episode.

Part three to follow…

The Lies of Con Woman Alison Chabloz Part Three

It’s been a while since i last wrote part two on the fantasy world of Je Suis Derange Chabloz. Following my publishing it, i felt that really, i had said all there was to say with the exception of lengthy email exchanges that i was entrusted with between Proffesor Robert Faurisson and Chabloz just before his death. Although these exchanges are damning to the make believe world of Derange, i felt a certain degree of respectfulness not to use this personal imformation as by then it had become clear that the British Nationalist movement had recognised that all was not as Derange portrayed it. In a rare moment of some ounce of honesty, Derange admitted to Shazia Hobbs that she now has very few supporters and even less financial donations from those in Britain adding that the few donations she still receives are from those in France. In addition there was Derange’s history before she had ever came into contact with British Revisionists that documented her eviction on bad terms from organisation after organisation and showed that far from the poor victim as she portrays herself as, she is in truth, a consummate liar, agitator, troll and malicious stalker whose continuous misfortunes are brought about entirely by herself. Following part two, i was reluctant to waste any more of my time on this woman given she was rapidly becoming as toxic as a dose of Gonorrhea in a Nunnery as the mass boycott of the Nationalists Remembrance parade to the Cenotaph last year showed when news of her intended presence or hijacking was learned. Derange was doing a pretty good job of alienating real Nationalists herself. However, since then, it pained me to witness the sheer drivel that spews from her victim blog that leads readers to believe that she is some kind of understudy or protege of Professor Faurisson or even that he viewed her as some kind of kindred spirit. Those unaware of the content of his last email exchange with her or that of which he spoke of her the day before he died following the meeting in Shepperton, are none the wiser to the truth and this is why i have decided to publish this exchange now. I feel enough time has passed since his death to be respectful to Faurisson and to show that, to put it bluntly, his death following the meeting was the best thing that could have happened for Derange. If he had lived, we are in no doubt that he would have informed more and more Revisionists of the harassment he’d come under from her. His timely death for her allowed her to continue blogging that she was some kind of dear associate of his which could not be further from the truth. At the meeting in Shepperton the day before he died, he finally confided in the organisers, Peter Rushton and Lady Michelle Renouf that Derange was pestering the life out of him and she had exhausted him. His last email exchange with her was sent on to prove that his very last words to her were ” Now please leave me alone to do my work”. The conversations at the Shepperton meeting when he complained of her harassing him are 100% true because i was at that meeting and i heard them myself.

Further more, despite my having made no reference to Derange whatsoever since part two, typical of a Narcissistic Sociopath, she just can’t help herself and so thank you to those who recently sent me her emails to them filled with more lies about myself and others, along with continual snide comments in the belief she’s being terribly clever. No Derange, I am not a part timer as you called me…you just don’t get to hear of our activism and meetings.

To be continued when i get time.

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